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“Step by step”

Al-Mar solutions specialized for technical orthopaedics and podiatry.

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    HALL 4 STAND F- 07

One more edition Al-Mar will be at the fair in madrid to thank our coustumers for their confidence,present news,and special promotions only for the fair.


Our insoles are easy to adapt.

By its design can be used for any pathology.Its use can be for her life everyday or for a demand sports. 


Our latex components are of excellent quality (gmbh) ideal for

use alongside our templates and make a perfect customization of product.

          EVA ROLLS
Our product made in house "Eva roll 1mm" plain,perforated,marble,multicolor.Ergonomic ideal for the workshop.

The lining ideal for finishing our insoles. 

Machines large,new,small chance of everything you need to work in your shop with our products. 

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