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Today we inaugurate our technical blog

We will start hanging on our blog, a series of scientific works, some of them developed and carried out in our R + D + i laboratory.

On the occasion of the 8th edition of the Orto Medical Care that will be held in Madrid, on October 25 and 26 of this year. We are going to present in scoop in this Fair. "A new material developed at AL-MAR TECNICAS ORTOPEDICAS S.L. "

It is a mixture of cellular polymers, specially developed for the sports gesture of the race, especially runner, marathon, trail running, kms training, etc.

It is a closed cell material, very light, that thermoforms very well, compatible with most of the materials used to manufacture foot supports for sport.

The first formulation we have called SBP-42, in honor of the 42 km of a Marathon test. We have developed another complementary formula to this: SBP-45.

We want to advance, that the main mechanical characteristic of these materials, is that they absorb the energy of impact between 50 and 75% more, than all the similar materials present in the market that we have been able to test. We also include products marketed by AL-MAR, in this comparative test.

In an apparatus like the one we showed in this photograph. "Dynamometer with a load cell of 5000 N". We measured the hysteresis of the materials in a 50% compression test of each material, using approved specimens of 10 mm thickness.

In future entries we will expand the information of our work. This product is now available to be marketed. And we recommend it for the treatment of painful and inflammatory pathologies, as well as to prevent these pathologies in sports.

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