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As a result of our research, we have achieved a family of new materials, specially designed for the sporting gesture of the race. Chemically, they are composed of four compatible polyolefin polymers, which, when used in the right mix, obtain a synergy between all of them, which is why we have managed to increase their impact absorption capacity, improving current market products, doubling this absorption capacity. Measuring the hysteresis of various materials in the laboratory on a dynamometer, performing a 50% compression test. We obtain the values ​​of the hysteresis of each material and performing the calculations in (Joules / m3) we obtain that energy absorbed by the material, which is subtracted from the total energy that the various foot structures (bones, muscles, ligaments, etc.) would receive.

We are going to present for the first time to the national market, two formulations (SBP-42 and SBP-45) in the next edition of "Orto Medical care-2018". We recommend the use of the two formulations to carry out a Plant Support for "Marathon Test" runners.

They are very light materials, between 45 and 55º Shore A of hardness. Orthoses can be reinforced with resins, polypropylene, etc. They are compatible with all commonly used materials for the manufacture of foot supports. And they have the main characteristic that is: the great absorption capacity of impact energies, which occur in thousands of cycles that a race involves.

We will provide all the technical information of this material, as well as the conditions for its machining to perform the different plantar orthoses, to all professionals who are interested in these products. In future entries we will expand the technical information and applications of this family of products.

In the microscopic photograph that is attached you can see the two formulations: SBP-42 and SBP-45. Where you can clearly see its structure of closed cells.

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